Shanghai ants moving transport Corporation is a leading moving, long distance moving and transporting pianos, construction car air conditioning for the integrated Shanghai moving company. Since the company moved the market, has been for millions of households and enterprises to provide high quality, honest, efficient and professional service, also achieved a high degree of social evaluation. While "the ants" of gold is also rising.

Shanghai City of flourish led has Shanghai City various service of development, especially moved service emerged out has a large number of various of moved company, Shanghai Ant moved, and Shanghai moved, and Shanghai moved field, and Shanghai Ant moved field, and Shanghai moved company, and Shanghai moved field company, and Shanghai Ant moved company, and Shanghai Ant moved field company, and Ant moved company, and Ant moved field company, and Ant moved, and Ant moved field let customer no select, often fall cheated and nowhere complaints, So the general public is eager to have a formal, professional moving company out of service for everyone. Shanghai ants moving transport company adhering to the "sincerity and trust, hard service" business philosophy, so that customers can truly at ease and worry, customers and friends in the problems encountered in the process of moving, the company will immediately arrange to solve, and real harm must make restitution, serve the masses.

Shanghai ants moving transport limited is a family move and companies moving service companies. Company's development so far, the existing various types of moving more than 130 films, and has a number of integrated high quality, professional and technical precision moved nearly 1000 field workers, more than 10 years to participate in the Shanghai municipal engineering move handle. For example: "two Bay House relocation", "yanzhong green space". And quality service, good corporate reputation at Shanghai's East China Normal University, Fudan University, Shanghai Baosteel Group, the relocation project of Shanghai Metro operation company received public acclaim.

Ant move is specializing in moving, transportation, services of private enterprises. Business can engage in all kinds of complex lifting, handling, repair and maintenance, installation of air conditioning equipment to dredge, also participate in many schools, factories, full range of moving organs, enterprises and institutions and residential moving services. Companies have been growing, and currently has a variety of vehicles more than 60 films, all kinds of technical staff of more than 200 people are larger moving centers in Shanghai.