1. customers moving services must hold the true identity and fill in name, address, and phone.
2. moving services agreement with the company customers, pay the associated service costs, service was established.
3. seriously, the moving service agreement terms, and waiters are not allowed in private transactions (replacement). Staff may not be out of the agreement places beyond the limits for other services. Company is not responsible for any consequences resulting therefrom.
4. customers are responsible for moving staff security shall not be engaged in hazardous work without security.
5. to help move staff as soon as possible through the adaptation period, obligation of the customer to the detailed information on family status, service requirements, considerations, and provide necessary working environment problems in time communicate with the company.
6. Managing currencies and valuables in your home, don't ask the waiter to intervene in family disputes of any kind in your home, not with attendant economic ties, avoid economic disputes. When staff leave, customers need to check whether your family's financial damage, theft, appears as a waiter after leaving your home has nothing to do with the company mentioned above.
7. customers have the right to legally pursue companies move staff because of its responsibility for the losses caused by economic responsibility and legal responsibility, but not searches, seizure of money, identity papers and other documents, as well as physical, coercion, illegal way to deal with the problem.
8. all contradictions with the waiter, in both circumstances beyond our control, must notify the company to settle, the attendant shall not take any extreme methods, or the company does not assume responsibility for the consequences caused.
9. respects the privacy of moving staff and their personality, their residence in the adult of the opposite sex may not be random access or shared a room. (Life cannot themselves except)
11. other agreed:
(1)   customer has following case one of of, service personnel can refused to continues to provides service:
1) cannot guarantee homes full vocational moved waiter eight hours sleep of;
2) serious damage service personnel personality dignity of;
3) can threat personnel personal security of;
4) requirements service personnel engaged in illegal crime behavior of;
5) Not on time issued waiter service wage of;
(2)   waiter has following case one of of, customer can requirements replaced:
1) not respect customer or intervention customer private life of;
2) damage customer legal interests of;
3) leak customer and relatives family privacy of;
another: moved waiter early you of home, see heard and encountered of, all very strange, strange makes they became stiff, and timid, Sometimes thinking has become very slow and self-abasement, but their personalities are very strong and can endure hardship, they have thoughts, most of them for family services, please give them a little more time, care, encouragement, help and tolerance.