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Chinese people attach great importance to the accommodation if economic capacities permit, housing property purchase, believing it "shelter" before they can root life! Otherwise they will wander without a trace of human life. Wickersham, regardless of where the Chinese people, and to home ownership as a primary objective. Now that so much effort has gone to buy building, certainly want their properties rather than to a comfortable stay, and Ding Cai also wishes to live prosperous.
pick a good floor, many of us want to live, but do not know how to choose? Now eight-point selection, introduction, can be used as a reference for when you buy: the old ladies at the time of purchase, should be around the house inspection first, see if the surrounding environment is defective? First wind, if it is discovered that houses near windy, very urgent, it would not be appropriate to purchase! Because even though the Housing Authority really have natural gas condensate, and the wind blows an exhaustive. Most important Feng Shui "Tibetan wind Ki", which means that the acute and strong local wind conditions will not be popular! But note one point, excessive wind conditions are bad, but if the wind blows slow robbery, air does not flow, it is not appropriate! The ideal living environment, there is a soft breeze blowing, the wind blows cool, this is in line with the Feng Shui way. Sunny

geomancy, one Sun, so choose the housing, not only to fresh air, but also sunny! If insufficient sunshine House, but usually too much yin, can lead to restless home, is uninhabitable.
for example, a lack of sunshine House, entering a long narrow corridor, living room and dining room have little Windows, outdoor Sun to penetrate such housing, both air and Sun are not enough can be said to be a pool of murky and stagnant water, devoid of life. Center
This refers to the housing of the Center should not be used as a toilet, or that have a human heart, debris, odds are that nature! As shown in Figure II, toilet happens to be in the middle part of the House, it would not be appropriate to selected homes. If the toilet is not located at the housing Center, but in the last half of the housing Center and gates in a straight line, it should not be selected as the home (figure III), because this may well lead to bankruptcy losses small. Streets into the Feng Shui is "happy swing straight bogey", because straight comes a sharp, if homes bear the brunt, the infestation is large and not accidentally! Therefore when you selected, may wish to look around the House, look around the House before and after the streets straight into the situation. As shown in figure IV, the main entrance to the integrity of the House Red Horse, that the longer roads more dangerous, more evil, the more, it was called "Tiger's House", in which to live. In addition limited number read before flat selection, described in the next article continues to analyze, after you finished reading, and learned that after the selection on their own would be much confident.

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