Movers of the annoyance and pain
We work very hard, not to let the most sad, we the most sad thing is also being insulted as "jobless". We often hear some people say: "after moving to something more, you can find the ' jobless ' move, just give them some money to spend. "
heard other people call us ' jobless ' and we felt awful. Hard work, themselves tired, also been insulted and replace everyone can't afford. We move to others, it is best to do. We never take what other people can also protect moving furniture. Sometimes accidentally damage things will certainly price compensation. ' Jobless ' two words to describe our does not fit, it is used to describe miscellaneous personnel on the streets, punks, even criminals. Our movers, is forgotten in a corner. People don't understand us, but you can't insult us.
have time, we will be leaving. At one point, we need to move the heads say that moving costs 380 Yuan. Worked so hard to give him the family moved out, when to finally give the money, he did not only give us 360 dollars, in accordance with the amount of work to move him, the other moving companies charge of 450 dollars or so, our price is very cheap, so we initially promised. The head said: "your what we damaged. "But we moved very carefully, something not destroyed his house, he said for a long time, also did not say what was bad. Although lost, we continue to argue with him, because we are doing business with, is based on honesty and trust.
get money sense is the most beautiful
asked: "as movers since 10, what is you most happy thing you feel? "To say the truth, get the pay was my happiest time, including other brothers are like that. Each time you get paid, I always felt the money over and over again, proving that our sweat is not shed in vain. Can send some money for my family back, thought of his wife and children received the money of spirits I be as happy as they are. This month I save 400 bucks, and tomorrow I will send home the past 200, give his eldest son send back 200.
a coworker of mine, and his two children are in school, two children's tuition and living costs depend on him to pay, he worked hard, had he tried to do, and make more than 1000 pieces a month, keep enough money to eat, he is sent to the child. To be honest, we think every hire, get paid it feels too good.

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