Moving a simple method of choosing an auspicious day

moving in the Feng Shui has many taboos. Choose a zodiac, is very particular about. New home turned into a lucky omen or bad luck to get rid of the past, live in and are safe, and so on, these are common requirements and good intentions, hopes of peace on the basis of games is booming, fame can cause head and children healthy and clever anything. Choose a zodiac, celestial star gas field into the home owners benefit. Such as House master, our feet make rush g, whether committed, Star gods are lucky and so on, of course, the Japanese Zodiac is optional on the move here, not on the Almanac of the zodiac. Most countries believe that per capita transfer (move) to the parties (or the owner and the family) lead to varying degrees, more or less good fortune of induction, so most people migrate (move) will always choose a zodiac, when fixed auspicious times, location and follow the Customs and traditions, taboos, and hopes to have auspicious omen also feel at ease.
transfer (move) a simple method of choosing an auspicious day
due to different conditions of each individual, not written on the double lunar calendars or almanacs "easy move" moved room, suitable for people moving house on the day but not necessarily for you to move. Into Zhai JI selected taking into account the sitting of the House and each of the four columns.
, the day itself no good, good is produced by four Yin House Feng Shui pattern, his character formed by Yin and Yang between strangers. We will move to select auspicious day is outlined below:
(a) migrate (move) not to be with his family in "Zodiac" and "columns" (lunar calendar birthday of the "heavenly stems and earthly branches"), rush, especially bogey and the owner of "post" square punch. (Radial impulse and ugly is not rushed, Yin Shen Chong, passage, Chen Xu Chong Chong, SI Hai Chong. Xu Yin Shen XING, ugly is not punishment, Mao penalty, Chen Chen, Wu l, unitary unitary, Hai Hai from the punishment. )
(ii) migration (moving) try to use "water day" is better than "fire".
(three) new House sat to: towards East who bogey in has, and unitary, and ugly (three alloy) days moved; towards West who bogey in Hai, and d, and not (triad wood) days moved housing; towards South who bogey in Shen, and child, and e (triad water) days moved housing; sat North who bogey in c, and afternoon, and Xu (triad fire) days moved housing.

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