Moving industries rapidly move information online may be a new hot spot
Along with economic development, the pace of urban construction, tens of thousands of families, Joe moved to the new House, also gave birth to move this emerging industry, from ground-breaking bud, has been welcomed by people. Because the moving industry's development, not only solved the difficult problem of people moving, reducing the cost of people moving, Dr upset, tired human account of God, while accelerating the process of socialization of Chinese family service, solve the problem of employment laid off some. But where do we get those moving companies information? How do I find them?
has learned to move information to solve the growing demand, the moving company information has become a hot, moving a network platform surfaces, bridge building moving companies information exchange. Frequently, feature innovation, attracted the attention of many media and users, in the moving industry caused a heat wave.
it is understood that the moving vertical portal network is moving services, moving companies with free web promotion, moving company information services for people. Site by region, moving needs, set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other sections of the city, convenient for people nearby to find moving companies.
network universal access also changes people's consumption patterns, many moving companies received calls, all through the Web site. A moving company in Beijing, told reporters, "we often receive calls from a user, with nearly 85% advice user from ** to move networks. We will step up our investment in Web site promotion. "
journalist landed the move networks, designing simple, functional and detailed, you can easily search for the information they want. A Beijing University student, competition to work in a foreign company's financial success, the original rental place far from the company, handling bed and TV stuck on her, and thought about moving company, where to reach them, a friend introduced the move on the Internet, contacted several comparison prices and service, will soon move to a new House. She told reporters that "we work according to change of place of residence, thanks ** move networks provides such a good platform, incapable I, delay time, much easier now, very happy working in the unit. "
analysis of the industry, increasing demand for online moving companies information, showing the increasing trend of the city's permanent population of rental, the network has become an important way to seek help. The move network innovation, putting traditional move information online, in order to meet the normal progress of urban living, working, and made important contributions to promoting the moving industry booming in China.

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