Suqian move customs and old people move the unique folk customs
Suqian people we will bring the stove, pot pie, firecrackers; Yancheng people we'll take Evergreen, erect grass Pingyao people move when they first moved in, Zhejiang glass bottles, cutting board, chopsticks, candles, saying "peace," "happy" means ... ... However, with changing times, these generations of folk are being forgotten. Recently, this reporter visited a number of residents of Suqian city, aims to unearth Suqian move unique folk culture. Suqian
moving gradually forgotten folk

"$literal" grew up after several years of hard work, finally bought a commercial housing in the urban area, renovated just waiting to move in to get married, but mother phoned to say: "move to get some cake or fish in a pan and move into a new House. "Zhang wanted to ask out, mothers tell just do it, she's not exactly sure why, except that it was handed down through generations to move custom. "The mother would say, I don't really know I moved these Suqian city stress. "More than Zhang did not know, reporters found that 90% of today's young people do not know that moving folk.
Red fire booming Suqian
when it comes to moving some of the folklore, public Du Yisheng told reporters that the first election day. "Two, five or eight was moving day, and at night is a good choice to move. ' Suqian, Suqian ' move at night, move through the night, at dawn, meaning more move more bright, a good sign. "Apart from timing out, moving there with Mong Kok, Mong Kok, a fire was burning on the stove, move into a new house with the furniture, said booming across more meaning.
-pressure pot pie, elevated moral eight cake step by step
living near the maling road, said Jia Xiuxia filed moving elderly folk, 72, moved in the past, her parents to do two pieces of pie to the daughter. After decades of development, bread became cake, fish and chicken. "Six or eight bars in the pot, meaning increased step by step, buy carp represents abundance, buy live chickens on behalf of auspicious meaning. "Jia Xiuxia told reporters, these things are not necessarily home, relatives and friends can. When asked whether the move custom cannot fall, the old man said: "it's not so much about, want to move what he moved it. "
pressure Pan cake 2 weeks small Leng husband did not eat
all the year round on maling road moving Mr Rudd told reporters in the business, moving folk-custom in modern societies have gradually been forgotten, especially many young people, selected moving day is not to see that it was not a good day, more busy this is to look at that first. "We are very good at the weekend, few people moved during the night. "
land master told reporters that he had met a young couple, bought the cake in the Pan, after moving to a new home more than 10 days, put it in the Pan cake Leng did not eat it. "They didn't know what time to eat on time, in fact, moved into a new home, after firecrackers can eat. ”

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